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Founder of Organic Interiors

Marina Knyazeva is a graduate of Interior Design Institute and also a fashion model with the alias of Marina Spark. Her designing career began a year ago when she moved on from modeling as well as her career in IT and Financial services to pursue her true passion - her love for art and interiors.

Marina comes from a family of artists. Her creative flair and passion led to her art being regularly displayed at art exhibitions while still a high school student. She aspires to dedicate her life to fine art, healthy living, and creating stunning interiors.

Organic Interiors grew from Marina’s vision to create an interior design and styling firm with a unique holistic approach. She stumbled upon her passion for Eco friendly materials and concepts after the successful launch of her Healthy Living Blog. The blog has accumulated huge traffic and consistent interest from a worldwide audience. Marina felt she could extend the budding trends of healthy living, exercising, and maintaining a well balanced diet to other aspects of a person’s life. She wanted to create homes that were not only beautiful and trendy, but also “healthy.” This “healthy” outlook flowed through to all parts of the house from the non toxic chemical based paint, to the organic furniture. After her own personal research, she found a wide variety of the most exquisite hand made furniture and decor items that would manifest the personality of any home owner. She discovered that natural materials become a work of art when combined with the right decor and styling. She also discovered that the homeowner is not sacrificing on quality when choosing organic products as they are often of higher quality than retail products. Simple feng shui principals can attract love and success to your life as well as foster your inner peace. With this in mind the Organic Interiors was born...

Organic Interiors is filling the void left by traditional interior designers currently in the market. With Marina’s unmatched passion and eye for emerging trends, your house will accurately and tastefully display your personal flair. This is the mission of Organic Interiors.

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