Sunday, April 12, 2015

Architect's Mind Map

Work Smarter...Not Harder

Great article i came across today! If you an architect or an interior designer, this is a great read!

Plan Your Work
1. Understand the difference between “effective” and “efficient”. Effective is doing the right things. Efficient is doing things in the right manner. Both are important, but you need to be doing the right things first before you can do them in the right manner. Combine the two and you’ll be really working smarter, not harder.
2. Remember the 80/20 principle. Eighty percent of your results come from just twenty percent of your effort. Focus on results, not work. More hours does not always equal more results.
3. Outline your process. Yes, every project is unique, but the tasks and milestones in each project are pretty similar. Outlining the process helps you see where to eliminate steps or make the process more efficient. Mind Maps are a great tool for this exercise.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Decorating Tips from Olivia Palermo

1. Create a photo wall with your shared black-and-white images. Print a variety of shots in different shapes and sizes—family photos, landscape shots, architectural imagery—and frame them with simple, complementary frames.
2. Don’t leave any space untouched. Decorate shelves, tables, and other surfaces with unique objects that the two of you have collected over the years, from travels, flea markets, and more. What is important to remember is, if you like it, it works!
3. Create a cozy environment with scented candles. Strategically place candles in the living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms for a cozy feel. Incorporate scents like orange blossom and jasmine, which aren’t overly feminine.
4. Bring both of your personalities into the home with coffee-table books. Choose books that represent your interests, travels, and passions. You can even create your own photo books on Shutterfly that incorporate photos from your special events or trips for an added personal touch.
Did you have a hard time decorating when you and your guy moved in together?
The apartment my husband and I first shared was so small {I moved into his studio! } that I was more concerned about fitting my shoes than creating a cozy vibe!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Organic Interiors - 1st Birthday Anniversary

A year ago today I have launched my first interior design business - Organic Interiors.
To celebrate our love for sustainable design and eco-friendly, non-toxic materials we are offering 30% off of our services.
To claim this discount simply email
Not in Australia? Then our e-decorating service is here to help!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Lilly Allen's Cotswolds Home

I knew that Lilly's apartment would  very bright and whimsical judging by her personality. I am loving the colours and radiance of her new home, a bit bohemian with lots of interesting antique pieces. This house is so cosy and fun,it looks like a fairy tail!

Check it out, images are taken from Vogue



Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips on Antique Pieces

Quick Tips on Buying Antique Pieces
- Educate yourself, read historical books and vintage collectables, don;'t just go for a vintage luxury items without knowing the history behind it.
- Outsourcing antique items from overseas. Combine your holiday with antique not so well known shops, you never know what you can find.
- Knowing exactly where the pieces are coming from. What's the history behind them, when and where were they made. Ask questions, get all the correct documentation.
-inspect your piece. Make sure there's no modern nail or restaurations. Nothing beats the natural state of the exquisite antique piece
- Build up a good repor with the dealer/seller . Tell them about what you love and what your are looking for. You never know, they might find something that might interest you later!