Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips on Antique Pieces

Quick Tips on Buying Antique Pieces
- Educate yourself, read historical books and vintage collectables, don;'t just go for a vintage luxury items without knowing the history behind it.
- Outsourcing antique items from overseas. Combine your holiday with antique not so well known shops, you never know what you can find.
- Knowing exactly where the pieces are coming from. What's the history behind them, when and where were they made. Ask questions, get all the correct documentation.
-inspect your piece. Make sure there's no modern nail or restaurations. Nothing beats the natural state of the exquisite antique piece
- Build up a good repor with the dealer/seller . Tell them about what you love and what your are looking for. You never know, they might find something that might interest you later!



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