Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips on Antique Pieces

Quick Tips on Buying Antique Pieces
- Educate yourself, read historical books and vintage collectables, don;'t just go for a vintage luxury items without knowing the history behind it.
- Outsourcing antique items from overseas. Combine your holiday with antique not so well known shops, you never know what you can find.
- Knowing exactly where the pieces are coming from. What's the history behind them, when and where were they made. Ask questions, get all the correct documentation.
-inspect your piece. Make sure there's no modern nail or restaurations. Nothing beats the natural state of the exquisite antique piece
- Build up a good repor with the dealer/seller . Tell them about what you love and what your are looking for. You never know, they might find something that might interest you later!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Creating s Sexy Bedroom

Another great article from Elle Décor.
I would also add candles and a nice scent to the bedroom. And maybe a shaggy rug...

Bedding to Spend All Day In

Crisp white sheets in thread counts ranging from 450 to 650 create the sexiest tactile experience in terms of bedding. Keep the sheets plain; go no fancier than a top sheet with embroidery. And don’t go overboard with too many pillows.
"Even if you’re watching your wallet, the place to spend the money is the bedding." —Cathy Hobbs, founder of Aphereä
"People will over-pillow the bed," warns designer Eric Cohler, of Eric Cohler Design Inc. It’s not sexy to have a romantic interlude put on pause while all the pillows are removed.
"For a two-person bed, you need at most two Euro-sham-size pillows (placed against the headboard), and four sleeping pillows." —Designer Rebecca Cole, Rebecca Cole Design
Seduction Must-Have: Pure linen sheets

Flooring That Makes You Weak in the Knees

Wall-to-wall carpeting, in either 100% wool, or a wool-silk blend, will give the most sumptuous landing to your feet—or to your entire body if the mood strikes.
"For anything but a beach house—where wood floors are fine—you should have wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedroom." —Harry Heissmann, Senior Designer, Albert Hadley Inc.
"A wool rug with silk in it will create a beautiful shimmering effect in candlelight." —Designer Amy Lau
Seduction Must-Have: Sheepskin area rug under a chaise lounge