Sunday, December 8, 2013

Style Sunday - Hollywood Regency

Hollywood Regency is the classic Golden Hollywood decor and interior well known for it glitz and glamour. This style became popular in 1930s and still is popular in modern days.Hollywood Regency is an eclectic design aesthetic that combines luxurious materials with Asian-influenced accents.
This style is all about  mirrored accents, lacquer, chrome accents, chintz, velvets and bolder colors. It's all about fringes, flair and details. 
Adding these elements to the modern style will do a trick it is all about glamorizing your space, large mirrors in a statement frame, contemporary art, Great Gatsby like wallpapers and rugs, lots of geometrical lines and patterns, well defined balance and proportion. Try adding glocy fabrics and paints, luxe velvets, expensive looking fabrics and plush. Mirrors play a huge role here as well as other reflective materials such a metalic bed side tables or dressers.Black and white stripes used in wallpapers or rugs are one of the signature elements of 1930s metallic are definitely playing a huge part in this decor.If you are not too keen on geometrical shapes in your decor try adding soft animal prints or floral patterns

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