Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Graffiti Wall in Your Appartment

If you are watching The Block then you must have been just as fascinated with the graffiti wall in New York Style apartment challenge. Graffiti added to interior is absolutely amazing, modern and can be quite unique. I searched the Internet for some amazing ideas and also the outcome results in the first two The Block episodes. Check it out.

I would definitely recommend someone super creative to create a wall like that,although depends on the style you are going for... You want more street style then the wall doesn't have to look like a masterpiece...but if you want more depth in the style then definitely make sure you are contacting an absolute pro. But don't forget that sometimes small mistakes can create an art!

Make sure your other furniture matches the style well. If you need an interior designer and decorator you can contact us though HERE ( we have e-decorating service available for overseas readers)

This one is the work from a team on The Block in episode 2! Very Manhattan and very cool!


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