Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Metallic Trend

Metallics are currently in weather its the cushions, ottomans, sofas or tallboys. Good quality is what you should be looking for because metallic fabrics of bad quality just like cheap sparkly fabrics can make you place look cheap and tastless.

Metallics can make a quite a big difference to your interior. You can combine it with different styles of interior.

So here are the examples of what you should be aiming for when choosing to add metallic to your overall interior. Believ it or not it can look quite sophisticated and chic.

Rule 1 - don't go for cheap. Quality is the main factor here
Rule 2 - don't go for overly shinny fabrics.
Rule 3 -Moderation is the key. It is very easy to ruin the idea with overused glam and glitz.
Rule 4 - Be aware of direct sunlight or any other harsh lighting you have installed. You don't want your place to turn into shiny disko ball :)


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