Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spring/Summer Colour Trends 2014

Spring - Summer 2014 Colour Trends  are all about Harmony! It is all about harmonious living, nature and earthy colours. The colour palette of the upcoming summer season is rooted in the natural and the artificial, in the familiar and the unknown. There is no longer need to choose one or the other – the shape of things to come is defined by flexibility and acceptance, by complete harmony with all that is being offered.

I am a big fan of these particular palette as I do like to take a holistic approach to life and surroundings and to me they are earthy, harmonious, therapeutic colours. Nature lovers will appreciate the grounding feel this pallet brings.

Now scroll down and see what inspiration lies behind all this

Forward with Nature
Earth Balance

Caramel Lust
 Think Pink

Purple Rain

 Red Feeling
 Dessert Dust

Blue Depth
 Summer Forest

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