Sunday, November 10, 2013

Christmas Decor Trends - 2013

Décor trend for this Christmas is full of gorgeous turquoise, greens, blues, browns, orange, saffron yellows, olds and metallic. Just a small step away from the traditional palette and you can create an absolute work of art and a cold winterie feel to your holiday room.
Christmas is a big deal to most of us and majority will always follow the tradional color palette and decorations. Why not do something different this year I am absolutely inlove with the picture I have on the left. How gorgeous is the white tree and blue/turquoise ornaments and decorations?! So very refreshing and still festive enough for a Christmas gathering!

 So the current Christmas Décor Trends include:

No gnomes and elfs this year! It is all about the owl ornaments and patterns.
Owls on Christmas tree decorations, candles, pillows or simply as figurines will do the trick. Add some pinecones to it and anything that would represent forest.

Although colder tones are very in at the moment they will also be combined with shades of orange and brown so your Christmas will be filled with elegance and balanced out with warmth. Mixing cold and warm can be quite fun but also challenging as the right shades must be picked. I like the look of blues and browns or turquoise and orange.



Silver, glitter and white and frosted surfaces, these cool shades bring a modern and invigorating breath of fresh air to Christmas decorations. What we really trying to achieve here is Winter Wonderland  Christmas with silver or gold frosting and coldness of metallic candle holders. BUT under the all this winter frost you can still see the warm and brightness of the sleeping forest.



Still feel like you must throw some traditional red? Go minimalistic and combine with white.


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