Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dream Boards, Mood Boards, Inspirational Boards and Other Pretty Boards

I wrote about Dream Boards on my Health Blog, you can read all about it HERE.
In fact Dream Boards can look pretty stylish if done creatively. Use hard board and magazine cut outs for yours, not only you can use the pictures of your dreams but also words and sentences. Cant find what you want? Print it off the net! Or create an online one and save it to your phone and computer. It is the best way to visualise goals and put together all your future achievements its easier to keep track of them this way.
You can have them all on my board or separate them by different category of goals/dreams and have them in different rooms. For example love and relationship board in the bedroom, money and career one in the home office.

You can also have mood boards for upcoming events and parties or even fashion moodboard if you are still in search of your own slyle. Actually it is a great idea! Put all the pictures of clothes and fashion shoots that you are absolutely inlove with that will definitely help you next time you are thinking of updating your wardrobe!

Or having an Inspirational Board with your favourite motivational quotes and anything that keeps you driven! Even just putting these quotes in a simple frame will do the trick ( I will have a YouTube video on that soon).

Now check out the way of styling your pretty boards and adding them to your creative space.


There are also some feng shui guidelines that you might want to follow:

For business success, money and career growth: Choose metal accessories and metal feng shui element colors. For the purpose of attracting money and success, it is usually good to have an "active" board, meaning you move things around as you see fit, adding more images, article clippings, specific words, etc.

Best feng shui area for a vision board connected to business success, money and career growth is definitely the home office. If possible, have it in the North feng shui bagua area of your office. You can also follow the general feng shui guidelines for the North area in terms of feng shui element colors, shapes, etc.

For a love and health/well-being vision board, choose wood accessories and wood and earth feng shui element colors. Contrary to the feng shui of a business success and money vision board, you want your love, health and well-being board to be more stable, so it is best to define a basic structure and stick to it, just adding other elements as you see fit to an already defined structure.

Best feng shui areas for a love, health and well-being board can be a well-organized, well-lit, beautiful walk-in closet (yes, a beautiful closet is possible!); a bedroom wall you often see or the East of Southwest area of the home office.

Traditionally dream board have to have red background to attract more luck and hidden away in the closet or somewhere where only you can see but that is optional of course

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