Wednesday, July 9, 2014

6 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

Test your boundaries
Stretch your limits and get uncomfortable! Immerse yourself in something you find intriguing and slightly scary. Study a foreign language or do something risky and get your adrenaline pumping. Jump out of an airplane, hike a mountain or run faster and harder than you thought you could. The added benefit to taking the exercise route is that it send a rush of dopamine to your brain — an essential component to forming ideas and new connections in your mind.
Turn off the TV
This kind of mindless activity is not one that fosters brilliance. One study reveals that watching pointless shows actually makes us dumber…
Find Inspiring Tools
What gives you inspiration and fires up your imagination? For some it’s music, for others, it may be looking at a photo, picture or symbol. Perhaps it could be communing with nature, reading a certain passage or quote. Inspiration comes in many forms and it’s important for us to know what gets our creative juices flowing. Whatever it is, use the stimulating tool of choice to help launch creative thoughts.
Use your nose
When your head’s not working, your nose might be of assistance! One study found those who were exposed to rosemary aroma had higher concentration and cognitive performance. Cinnamon and vanilla scents have also been linked to increased creativity.
Stop feeling like you’re a slacker! New findings find that flashes of insight often come when your mind is relaxed on completing a specific task.  Simply allow your mind to wander! You can read more on Day dreaming in our article HERE.
Criticize later 
Or some part of your mind may feel threatened and shut up and withdraw. Just let ideas flow out, No idea is silly! It’s important to keep an atmosphere of openness when trying to generate ideas and being creative. You can sort the ideas later and determine which ones may be of best use.

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