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Laminex Trend Forecast 2015

By Neil Sookee
The 2015 Trends Forecast from Laminex Australia embraces international layout trends and adds a hint of regional flavour to inspire Australian homeowners and renovators. 3 essential themes – Essence, Impulse and True – will influence interiors in 2015 and past. The 3 themes strip back to the bare essentials, inspire mixing colours, patterns and varieties and embrace imperfections in all-natural resources.
Trend 1: Essence

essence 2015 Interior Trends Forecast From Laminex Australia
Benchtop in Laminex Fresh Snow Spark finish and base cupboard doors in Laminex Impressions textured surfaces Bleached Wenge Riven finish
Essence is about reduction and simplicitystripping back to the bare essentials. With Essence, we appear to the previous for inspiration, but view retro colours and styling in a fresh, new way. After seasons of red and yellow-based mostly greys, Essence introduces a motion in direction of neutral and cooler greysTo generate a all-natural palette of neutrals and grey, components are pure with colors derived from the materials themselves. Deepest black and linen whites grow to be the base for organic tones of wheat, stone and elemental greys. These tones turn into essential alongside white.
Soft, feminine and poetic kinds are crucial in this trend. In the absence of colour, texture and geometric forms are utilized as focal factors in interiors.
picture 6340 2015 Interior Trends Forecast From Laminex Australia
Essence palette
Trend 2: Impulse 
impulse 2015 Interior Trends Forecast From Laminex Australia
Benchtop Laminex Fusion Style Source Cantata
The opposite of Essence, Impulse is eclectic and maximal. Impulse celebrates the importance of spontaneity, encouraging us to be adventurous and inventive. Far more is more when it comes to Impulse. Impulse evokes a sense of happiness. It’s a provocative mix, embracing items that do not match. A wild fusion of styles, colour and patterns, geometric shapes and tantalising, energetic colours are central to the trend. There is a powerful tendency for daring colour against a backdrop of white, light woodgrains, amazing neutrals or fine greys. Also implied is the bleaching effect of sturdy sunlight that offers rise to faded colour, bringing a new consider on nostalgia.
Impulse makes it possible for for the sudden and unconventional and there is only one particular rule: there are no principles!
picture 8691  2015 Interior Trends Forecast From Laminex Australia
Impulse palette
Trend 3: Real 
real 2015 Interior Trends Forecast From Laminex Australia
Splashback can be accomplished using Laminex Innovations Plex Copper
True seems to be to nature and the organic surroundings. The trend bargains with authenticity and obtaining stability in a complex globe, exploring a new mindfulness of normal elements. Natural supplies like wood or stone are central to this trend. The colour palette is soft and harmonious, with vegetal colors exhibiting an earthy and natural tendency. Greyed mid tones are essential, as are copper, bronze and golds. Wood is the cherished material and wood tones flip light and normal – and less rustic. Imperfection is genuine and desirable.
Actual reflects the way of life motion of Australians re-embracing ‘simple things’ this kind of as farming, handmade merchandise, house baking, gardening and craftsmanship. With the Genuine trend, high high quality products with unsurpassed craftmanship and luxury are blended with vintage and handmade decorative items.
picture 4421 2015 Interior Trends Forecast From Laminex Australia
Actual palette
- Neil Sookee is the layout director of Laminex Australia Group, a top marketer, distributor and manufacturer of decorative surfaces all through Australia and New Zealand.
picture 4362 2015 Interior Trends Forecast From Laminex Australia

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