Sunday, June 16, 2013

Office Space Inspirations

Now let me overload you with some office/home office and a bit of storage inspiration.I am renovating an office for a client of mine. It's tough one as the place is small and over crowded with no storage facilities and in other words a big mess! So I would like to share some inspirations that i found on the net. Let me know what you think ( don't you just wish you could get a job in the Google office!).
Personally i am all up for well organised and creative office ideas so if you have any suggestions you are more than welcome to share.

(Above: the comfy option)
(Above: loving this old rustic feel)
(Above: loving the orange accents)
(Above: old school feel)

(Above: speaking of being organised)
(Above: good idea make an inspiration/motivation board out of this wall space)
 (Above: Loving this idea for sure! Who needs a calender when you can write on walls! I wonder how messy can it get though...)
(Above: i will never get over the beauty of turquoise)

 (Above: Skype office)
(Above: Royal Blue )
(Above: for the lovers of neutrals)

(Above: Google office...obviously)
(Above: feminine and chic)

(Above: good idea for a limited space)

(Above: creative messiness)
(Above: loving this as a space divider)

 (Above: clean simplicity)

(Above: loving green and white, tres fresh)

(Above: adding colours to your storage? maybe colour coding? Enhancing boring space?)
(Above: perfect home office)

(Above: colourful and fresh, loving pictures on the walls. Photographs of employee's, perhaps)
(Above: something different - Black walls!Love this elegance)

(Above: funky meeting rooms)

(Above: it seems like Google)
( Above: Very chic, loving the wallpaper and chairs)

(Above: plain and mess free)

(Above: splash of colours. Loving the book shelves)

(Above: Sexual! Loving the dark side of  this office. Good combination of white,black,gray and gold)

(Above: perfect home office simplicity)
(Above: time to adventurous with your decor)
Pictures Taken - From everywhere on the Internet and a few from Pinterest

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