Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The World of Camilla

Camilla Franks is an Australian fashion designer best known for her stunning kaftans.
Her designs are always  vibrant, playful and luxurious and I am not going to lie I am a huge fan of Camilla and her creativity. So i was very pleased to find out that The Kaftan Queen is now taking one step further collaborating with Designer Rugs to pass the same vibrancy with a hint of exotic...on to her own line of rugs.

Camilla's new collection is dazzling with Mediterranean, Spanish and Oriental motifs brightening up any space in the house, any of these astonishing rugs can be the main accent of any room and hit the dull space with amazing combination of colours.

Does your living room look boring? Maybe check out some amazing creations bellow! I am pretty set on the Hydra by Camilla for my space that's for sure!

"Designer Rugs has gained an international reputation for creating spectacular collaborations with high profile Australian designers with their commitment to capturing the personality of each brand. The release of CAMILLA for Designer Rugs signal one of their most ambitious collections to date. Transforming Camilla's colourful handmade graphic prints and eclectic designs into covertable handmade floor rugs, Designer Rugs' artisans introduce Camilla's unique aesthetic to a new audience, cementing her place in Australian lifestyle design.

Exploding with colour, the CAMILLA rug collection adds an exciting new element to the CAMILLA World, her fashion and lifestyle range. With six designs in the collection, Camilla's inspiration comes from her global wanderings through exotic destinations such as Marrakech, Japan and Formentera."

 ENDLESS SUMMER - An exuberant exploration of traditional Japanese design. This vibrant juxtaposition of traditionally executed elaborate flowers with angular patterns is rendered thoroughly modern through its mirror graphic style repetition.

 HYDRA - Referencing Greek mythology, Hydra is predominantly Mediterranean blue in tones. Influenced by Middle Eastern mosaics, repeated boarders and lavish curlicues, curves and lines are used elaborately.

 QIN - Inspired by the rich and culture infused history of China during the highly influential Qin dynasty. From introducing uniform written word to coins and roads, Qin’s greatest triumph was the centralisation of power and commissioning The Great Wall of China. Masterfully represented through a rich palette and the juxtaposition of nature and chaos, with battling dark curving dragons and feminine, floral motifs.

The Tang dynasty was known as one of the greatest empires in the medieval world. Tang's legacy was a golden age of Chinese literature and art, with a strong and benevolent ruler, successful diplomatic relationships, economic expansion, and the nurturing of culture and cosmopolitan style. This magnificent rug represents this sense of harmony through its central motif, featuring an elliptical shape providing insight into green dragons feasting on new and dynamic ideas, surrounded by a perfect symmetrical series of borders. Flourishing blooms, representing the new social elite replacing traditional aristocratic order, add a sense of renewal, coupled with an Aegean blue palette which contrasts playfully with a warm tangerine base.
 FORMENTERA -An island off Spain’s Ibiza, famous for its natural beauty and rustic charm, Formentera references intricate mosaic and traditional tapestries.

 ISLAND SONG - This rug is signature Camilla in its playful sophistication. An exploration in dynamic graphic symmetry, Island Song screams “Spanish Summer” with an oriental twist. Drenched in rich tropical tones, Island Song offers a commentary on ancient and modern ritual.
Information and Pictures are taken from Designer Rugs WEBSITE
Camilla Franks WEBSITE

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