Monday, June 24, 2013

Winter Colour Trends 2013

Winter Colour Trends this year full of varities from dark to light, from bright to gloomy. This color palette rooted in creating a balance – balance of hyper-real brights offered next to familiar, nature-derived colors.

Colours of obergine, blueberries, blackberries , acai and grapes is classical winter palete

Reds are in again this time with pink and brown hues to influence its final coloration.

And for a brighter colour Pink continues to evolve from season to season. These soft pastels will continue to pop in winter and overtake the color palette in summer.

Shades of purple in high and low contrast offer depth and variety for fall. The color purple continues to evolve from yellow-kissed shades to this season’s cooler shades saturated in magenta.

Blues; from deep, to bright to pastel

The ocean and space inspire these washed-out, almost-grey shades of blue that come as a replacement for more traditional neutral shades.

 Artificial brights slight retro colours with darker hues

The colours of nature.The current interest in bright, almost neon-like Chartreuse shades will evolve into a more subtle and sophisticated acid green shade.

Subtle but playful shades of yellow will add nice warmth this winter.Warm yellow shades transition from orange and sepia.

The new seasonal teal colors are more sophisticated and are moving away from the playful, tropical sea-foam shades.

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