Monday, July 1, 2013

Exclusive Prints By Megan Hess

Although this is an interior design blog i still have to share Megan Hess' latest collaboration

This is not so much about scarfs but the gorgeous prints...four stunning limited audition prints that has have been inspired by four destinations Megan has fond memories of.

"The Italian Riviera was the inspiration for the blue scarf. On my last holiday there I remember seeing countless chic woman wearing silk head scarves whilst elegantly sipping cocktails."

"The Garden of Versailles was the inspiration for the blush pink scarf. I’ve had a Marie Antoinette obsession for quite some time. On a trip to France I toured the beautiful Palace of Versailles and feel madly in love with the enchanted gardens. "

"My black scarf is inspired by ‘Paris at Midnight’. There is just something about Paris at night. It’s the romance, the lights and the drama. I imagined a complete story when I was designing that scarf. A beautiful Queen racing through the streets of Paris at midnight!"

"And finally, my auburn scarf is inspired by an African Safari. I have to confess that I’m yet to visit Africa. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel through Africa like Katharine Hepburn in The African Queen. I imagined chic women wearing jeweled turbans riding Zebras and giraffes…complete escapism."

How To Wear

 To be honest i cannot wait for Megan to create her own line of rugs and wallpapers! Wouldn't it be great to see her work expand to larger proportions?!

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