Saturday, July 20, 2013

Style Sunday - French Country

From now on each Sunday will be dedicated to a different style of interior design and decor. I think it is a great idea in terms of educational purposes and also to help some of you to decide on a style of your dream home. There are so many ways you can renovate the space and decorate it but today I am going to choose French Country! No particular was the first style that came to mind :)) But I am sure there are quite a few French country chic lovers who truly admire the old French classics,  pastel warm colours, wood,  romantic mood and maybe some vintage pieces.

Interiors done in French country style always compliment the house. They look beautiful, relaxed, luxury, charming, elegant, and rustic. Some time ago this style was one of the most popular styles in the world and still is very popular. French country's color palette includes the greens, yellows, golds and reds of a garden. Fabric patterns generally feature white or beige backgrounds decorated by repeating images, like a motif of two people sitting under a tree or a country church.

When I think French Country I usually picture soft neutral colours, very light and gentle. Expensive soft linen, large pillows, wood surfaces and a traditional wooden dinning table, blue and white porcelain in the kitchen. Wrought Iron furniture life headboards and frames are always quite influential in this style and were extremely popular since 16th century.


What about mixing French Country with other styles? I have noticed that French country looks especially good and cosy with Scandinavian style.
As seen in Marie Clare See the difference?

What about mixing French Country with other styles? Please remember that not all styles can match!
French Country is perfect with Shabby Chic and Mid-Century Modern. You can also add mix French Country with modern. Either adding an modern twist to an existing French country decor and interior or adding French country feel to a modern space. Like so:


If you just trying to add French country feel to your modern or maybe just simple space I suggest do it this:

  • Keep woods in the interior spaces raw
  • Use slipcovers on sofas and chairs
  • Always use linen
  • Add a Parisian flea market-looking lamps
  • Botanical prints in cushions, wallpapers or art pieces are especially important
  • Add lots of cushions to your sofa, different sizes and patterns
  • Lucite is a material that looks cool both in modern spaces and French Country
  • Hang a chandelier of any kind to your space, on the ceiling or bed side table or anywhere you think is appropriate

  • Hope you enjoyed this guys, let me know what you think of this style in comments bellow!

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