Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Indian and Moroccan Chic

Inside Liza Bruce and Nicholas Alvis Vega's homes.

And now back to my favourite topic - Indian chic and Moroccan elements!
If you haven't heard of these glamorous people before they are Liza Bruce and her husband Nicholas Alvis Vega. Liza is famous swimwear designer and Nicholas is an artist. This gorgeous couple have an amazing eye for detail and an impeccable style. Liza and Nicholas own two stunning houses; one in India and one in Morocco. Both houses share a traditional Moroccan decor and design elements and the vibrant colour selection is bold and uplifting you can feel the Indian presence in every room. I'd be wearing kaftans at a home like this every day and burning sandalwood essences sipping Chai in the evenings.

Here is some eye candy for the fellow lovers of Indian and Moroccan chic

Jaipur, India

Home in Morocco



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